Do You Want to Learn How to Spot Fake Reviews?

February 9, 2020
Written by Ken Zhou
fake genuine reviews
Fake customer Reviews

One of the downsides to shopping online is the absence of product testing. Shoppers have no way of confirming if the product meets their expectations or not unless they start using them. And the only way to make this happen is by purchasing it. Amazon consulting experts  see to it the reviews are real and legitimate, however, there are still some who fake the reviews just to gain more customers.

To express their opinions, they share feedback in the form of product reviews. Nowadays, reviews are powerful vehicles that potential buyers use to help them arrive at a decision. But what if the reviews are fake?

For sellers, handling fake reviews is easy: report them. Before doing that, however, you need to confirm if it is genuine or fake. Learn how you can do it by going over the details explained below.

  • The review discusses the actual experience of using the product or buying experience or both.

The content of the review says it all. If the reviewer is legitimate, he will focus on his experience of using the product. He may also discuss his buying experience or a combination of the two topics. Regardless of whether he is satisfied or otherwise, his feedback is helpful.
You can use it to learn what specific areas of your product, customer service or marketing needs improvement. If his comment commends your product or service, it automatically promotes your brand. Good reviews serve as powerful endorsements. They can influence potential buyers to make a purchase.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for verified purchases.

Amazon makes it easy to tell if the customers reviewing your product are legitimate buyers. Its system places a verified purchase next to their names. This badge validates the reviewer’s comment (so you will know if you should take it seriously or not), indicating that he actually bought the product.

  • Check out other reviews outside Amazon.

By checking reviews off-site, you hit two birds with one stone. Not only are you educating yourself about the general public’s perception of your product, but you are also verifying if the contents of the reviews posted on your page are credible or otherwise.
Comparing the contents has nothing to do with how favorable or unfavorable the feedback is. Regardless of where the reviews are posted, they are all individual opinions. That is why you always need to take them with a grain of salt.

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